Simple APIs for Product Teams

Easy to configure, cloud-based tools that supercharge the sales, monitoring & development of SaaS Products.

Device Shots

Easily mock-up your app screenshots onto different devices for marketing

Ring the Bell

Login on a TV or Pi and ring an audible bell every time the team makes a sale

NPS Feedback

Your Net Promoter Score measures brand loyalty and forecasts business growth

Uptime Pings

Get notified instantly when your website is down and not responding to requests

Cron Monitoring

Get notified when your cron jobs fail or benchmark their performance

Status Page

Keep your customers informed during scheduled or unplanned outages

GEOIP to Country

Lookup Country, Language & Currency Information from an IP address

DNS Watcher

Track DNS changes on your domains & get notified of expiring certificates

Competitor Monitor

Monitor your competitors' websites and get notified when they change

Builder API

Cross-platform Hybrid App build service for Cordova, React Native & Flutter


Ninjalytics API

Generate swimlane charts of your customer's journey through your product


Request Bins

Capture & inspect HTTP requests. Replay the request to your local machine


Pay for a year up-front and recieve a discount of up to 20%

$199 /mo


  • 250 Pings (1min)
  • 250 Crons
  • 250 DNS Watchers
  • 250 Device Shots
  • 250 Competitor URLs
  • Request Bins
  • NPS Surveys
  • Sales Bells
  • Status Updates


  • 250 SMS Alerts
  • Multi-region Pings
  • Uptime History (36mo)
  • User Management (5-25)
$29 /mo


  • 30 Pings (3mins)
  • 30 Crons
  • 30 DNS Watchers
  • 30 Device Shots
  • 30 Competitor URLs
  • 30 Request Bins
  • 30 NPS Surveys
  • Sales Bells
  • Status Updates


  • 30 SMS Alerts


  • 5 Pings (5mins)
  • 5 Crons
  • 5 DNS Watchers
  • 5 Device Shots
  • 5 Competitor URLs
  • 5 Request Bins
  • 5 NPS Surveys
  • 5 Sales Bells
  • Status Updates